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We are committed to activating a global community to power up Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria’s devastating impact.


María: Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund was organized in partnership with the Foundation for Puerto Rico, a 501(c)(3) corporation providing fiscal sponsorship of the fund.

All donations to this fund are 100% tax deductible.

Hurricane María is Puerto Rico’s worst natural disaster in over a century, “the fifth strongest hurricane to hit the United States” (NASA).

Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was devastated and recovery will take months.

  • 100% of the power grid was taken offline
  • 80% of the population was left without water service
  • Communications services were reduced to a handful of pockets

The fund will finance immediate impact and long-term solutions for the most vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico.

Where is the money going?

  • Power As A Service: We are committed to powering up infrastructures that foster economic development and empower social impact. #PowerUpPR
  • Needs Assessment: We are committed to the relief efforts underway in Puerto Rico by enabling a verified flow of information between social impact organizations actively identifying and prioritizing needs and government agencies able to address them. #Partnerships
  • Long-term Rebuilding: We are committed to improving personal lives now by helping to build stable, productive, self-sufficient communities. #BuildItRight

ConPRmetidos is committed to the accountability of your donation and will publish Audited Impact Reports by a certified accountant as funds are converted into impact. #Transparency

You can keep track with our work via regular updates on our blogFacebook, or our newsletters. 

About ConPRmetidos:

We are committed to Puerto Rico’s renewal. Our mission to create a stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico has never been so relevant or so needed. Please help us #PowerUpPR


About Foundation for Puerto Rico:

Foundation for Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with TAX ID 66-0776227 whose mission is to transform Puerto Rico into a global destination by driving economic and social development through sustainable strategies.


 Photo Credit: Eduardo Mariota

Photo Credit: Eduardo Mariota

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