Our Story

Back in 2012 we found ourselves at a dinner table, discussing the many challenges facing our beloved Puerto Rico. We decided that we could do more than talk about these, we could do something. We would do something. We would help alleviate some of the burdens exacerbated by the ongoing crisis. ConPRmetidos, a think-and-do-tank, was born to accelerate innovative solutions to Puerto Rico's social and economic challenges



Out of the ruins and challenges brought by hurricanes Irma and Maria, we began our sixth year with a renewed sense of purpose and potential: To create a stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico.  This is the path we are on.


We were in process of rolling out a new economic development program focused on attracting jobs to the island, when the tragic and devastating effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria change everything in Puerto Rico and for all Puerto Ricans. The first order of business becomes the only order of business: relief and recovery.

2015 - 2016

The Puerto Rico Global Initiative is created to connect Puerto Ricans around the world into a cohesive network of professionals, students, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, artists, investors and more, brought together with the precise goal of actively supporting the island's economic development.

2012 - 2015

During our initial, formative years, ConPRmetidos focused primarily on:

  1. Partnerships. We identified and enabled strategic partnerships built upon the practical engagement of the stakeholders - individuals, businesses, NGOs, and government - in problem solving.
  2. Millennials' capabilities. We actively worked to engage and connect Puerto Rican millennials on the island and abroad, establishing an unique network of original capacity and budding human capital.
  3. Civic engagement. Helping the development of knowledge, skills, values and motivation in target communities.

Projects we introduced during this time include:

  • The Brain Trust of Puerto Rico
  • The Puerto Rico Education Summit
  • The conOportunidades Initiative
  • The conPRmetidos Social Innovation Hun
  • The Puerto Rico Public Innovation Initiative