Hurricane maria

We are committed to the development of resilient structures and equitable policies that will protect against a repeat of the devastating effects of 2017's historic hurricanes.


This initiative and fund, formally known as The María: Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund, has been organized in partnership with the Foundation for Puerto Rico, a 501(c)(3) corporation providing fiscal sponsorship of the fund.

This fund has been active since September 2017, raising funds to finance immediate impact and long-term solutions for the most vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico.

Donations to this fund are tax deductible.

Hurricane María was the second deadliest storm in U.S history, causing  2,975 deaths and causing $90 billion in damage on the island. 

Together with hurricane Irma, which struck three weeks earlier, Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was thoroughly devastated:

  • 100% of the power grid was taken offline, with power finally being restored to 100% of the population 10 months later

  • 80% of the population was cut off from clean water service

  • 80% of all crops were destroyed

About ConPRmetidos:

We are an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2012, that is committed to Puerto Rico’s renewal. 

We believe that Puerto Ricans can build a global model of community-driven success.  Please help us #PowerUpPR.

About Foundation for Puerto Rico:

Foundation for Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with (Tax ID 66-0776227) whose mission is to transform Puerto Rico into a global destination by driving economic and social development through sustainable strategies.

What do we do with donations received?

  • Power As A Service: We are committed to powering up community-level infrastructures that foster economic development and empower social impact. #PowerUpPR

  • Community Leadership: We are committed to supporting local, social-impact organizations who are best able to assess their community's needs, can marshal community support, and will protect the interests of the vulnerable and marginalized. #LeadersAndDoers

  • Long-term Renewal: We are committed to improving the lives of our fellow citizens by helping to build stable, productive, self-sufficient communities. #BuildItRight

ConPRmetidos is committed to the accountability of your donation and will publish annual, audited reports as funds are converted into impact. #Transparency

You can keep track with our work via regular updates on our blogFacebook, or our newsletters. 


Photo Credit: Eduardo Mariota (Puerto Rico, September 2017)

Photo Credit: Eduardo Mariota (Puerto Rico, September 2017)

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