Strategic Plan

ConPRmetidos believes that Puerto Ricans can build a global model of community-driven success.

Our strategic plan, adopted in the aftermath of our collective experience following the transformative impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria, focuses our attention and empowers our capabilities towards the overarching goal of a stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico. The summaries below help identify where and how ConPRmetidos is directing its attention and resources. The work has only just begun.

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Impact objectives translate our long-term vision into actionable outcomes


Identify effective, sustainable and innovative solutions to community challenges that create systemic change, and offer transformational impact.


Support the work of organizations on the ground through collaborative impact grants, consulting services, technical support and access to our global network for additional funding, resources, leadership and expertise


Leverage local and global capacity to smartly rebuild and grow vibrant Puerto Rican communities.


Empower local, entrepreneurial doers, who are key players in the island’s economic renewal.


Connect and convene others to form strategic partnerships that maximize resources. Build, nurture, and leverage relationships with doers and leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Collaborative Impact Grants (CIG)

The CIG model was designed by ConPRmetidos to help partner nonprofits execute their programs according to plan, strengthen and scale up their work, increase their influence, and achieve a greater impact than they could generate on their own.

The CIG model entails ConPRmetidos’ provision of support against the following areas of frequent nonprofits’ need:

  1. Funding

  2. Strategic plan development

    • Strategy consultation from ConPRmetidos executives, Board of Directors, and/or trusted colleagues

  3. Technical assistance

    • Development of a comprehensive execution strategy

    • Technical support in program management, such as documentation, accounting, CRM, legal and grant filings, and so forth

  4. Expertise/Advisory candidates

    • Access to ConPRmetidos’ global network for critical resources, leadership mentoring, high-skill staffing, and relevant industry expertise

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Projected allocations help guide our focus in support of the objectives and long-term vision. 


We are committed to improving personal lives now by helping to build stable, productive, self-sufficient communities through skills training, job creation, and purposeful innovation.


We are committed to rebuilding resilient structures and promoting equitable policies that help protect against a repeat of the devastating effects of the recent natural and human disasters.


We are committed to helping enable a verified flow of information between those who are actively identifying and prioritizing needs and those who are able to address them.


We are committed to powering up infrastructures that foster economic development and empower social impact.