One Year from Hurricane Maria, We Remember.

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Hurricane Maria was one of the deadliest and costliest disasters of any kind in modern history. Because of the events of  September 20, 2017, tens of thousands of Puerto Rican families lost their homes and livelihoods and almost 3,000 people lost their lives. We could have shrunk from the magnitude of the challenges this brought. Instead, your incredible support inspired us to act fast and offered us hope. We can't forget this tragedy but we can work hard, together, to create a better and more sustainable future for our community.

Powered by donations from over 17,500 people across the world, we have directly delivered or funded aid that impacted the lives of thousands of people in need of food, water, communications, power, shelter, and a helping hand forward. And yet, there is still so very much to do.

Relief and recovery were the necessary first steps towards a much bigger goal: a stable, productive and self-sufficient Puerto Rico that serves as a proud model of community-driven solutions and progress.

ConPRmetidos is reinventing Puerto Rico from within. We are engaging local leaders, entrepreneurs and global innovators to jointly tackle root causes and build a better, sustainable future for Puerto Rico. One year forward from hurricane Maria, we’re shifting our capacity towards larger more impactful projects, creating new and diverse partnerships, and guaranteeing effective program implementation and financial stability. With your support, together we can reinvent Puerto Rico for generations to come.

It's time to identify innovative and sustainable solutions to community challenges, help to leverage global know-how, seek to support grassroots doers on the ground, and enable the exchange of new models and ideas.

Now is your chance to give and play a critical part in creating the stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico that future Marias won’t be able to wash away.

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