Proyecto de la Montaña

A Puerto Rico Coffee Industry Rehabilitation Project: $608,500 granted to rehabilitate the island's mountainous coffee regions.



Coffee grown in Puerto Rico’s mountainous interior is at the heart of our communities’ shared identity and history. Puerto Rican coffee is a source of pride for all of us, but more importantly, it is the source of livelihood for thousands of families across the island. From those who grow it, process it, sell it wholesale or retail, to those that support the growers and processors, and to those who consume, Puerto Rican coffee is an important economic asset that powers thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

Hurricane María nearly destroyed Puerto Rico's coffee industry, decimating crops and critical infrastructure. Nearly 18 million trees were destroyed, wiping out 85% of the island's small coffee-growing farms. The loss in income for local coffee farmers and their families is estimated at over $27 million, with the local coffee industry’s losses are calculated at over $75 million. 

$608,500 to jump start small coffee farms

Proyecto de la Montaña is being carried out by ConPRmetidos in partnership with local coffee experts, local nonprofit PROCAFE, and MLB Hall of Fame catcher, Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez.

Funding for Proyecto de la Montaña comes from a $500,000 grant from Unidos por Puerto Rico, with ConPRmetidos committing an additional $108,500 from its Hurricane Relief Fund.

In addition,  Pudge Coffee is donating a coffee tree seedling for every 8.8 oz. can or bag coffee sold through it’s website.



Action and Impact

The funds are being used by PROCAFE to purchase and distribute 750,000 coffee trees and fertilizer, and provide additional subsidies to over 500 coffee farming families across the impacted, coffee-growing interior. In addition, ConPRmetidos is working with PROCAFE to develop an updated, coffee-growing best practices manual for free distribution to participating coffee farmers.

These efforts are providing much needed economic relief for Puerto Rican coffee farmers while jumpstarting local coffee farms and businesses.